Our factory, which has been one of the most important industrial structures in the history of Turkish Republic in Bursa since 1925, is replaced by our new factory which  was established in Bursa DOSAB in 2012 as a result of our growth objectives.


Using all the opportunities recent technologies provide, our factory has been designed by the specialist engineers and our production capacity has been expanded to increase the productivity to a maximum level.


Having a great experience in its field, the İpekiş team manufactures its fabrics that create the world trends with a perfect production and quality control system and continues its work with an accelerating performance every day to represent them to the most prestigious brands of the world.


Being the start point for the fashion world, our fabrics have been very delicately controlled through a number of our quality control processes from projection to production.


With the aim of gathering very rapidly changing fashion trends and technology coherently, we successfully continue with our human oriented growth investments.